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What Have We Been Up To?
Skeleton Crew from Fair Oaks Rotary
Beautifies Madison Avenue
We do this every three months.  Sometimes we get a dozen and sometimes we get less.  Today the summertime blues apparently hit, and these five daunting gentlemen found themselves cleaning Madison Avenue near Bella Vista High School by their lonesomes.  But the Rotary fuel (bagels and donuts) was satisfying and by our next time (September), school will be back in and we can count on some help from the BV Interact Club, our high school affiliate.
Fair Oaks Rotary Speech Winner
Takes District Championship
Those of you who follow this website have seen the name Stewart Fang before.  Back in February, the Waldorf High School junior won our club's speech contest.  The next month, he won the District semifinals.  And this past weekend, at the District 5180 Conference, speaking on the topic "Serve to Change Lives" against three other semifinalists, he won the District finals.  Congratulations, Stewart!
Fair Oaks Rotary Speech Contest Winner
Victorious in District Semifinals
The winner of the Fair Oaks Rotary Club's speech contest on February 28, Stewart Fang from Waldorf High School, went on last night to win the District 5180 semifinal contest against a half dozen other club winners at Folsom Lake College.  Speaking on the topic "Serve to Change Lives", he will now enter the District finals against three other semifinal winners, to be held at the District Conference in Stateline, NV, on April 30.  Congratulations, Stewart!
Bella Vista Interactors
(and a few Fair Oaks Rotarians)
Make WAPIs
That headline raises the obvious question, "What's a WAPI?"  The quick answer is Water Pasteurization Indicator and, to avoid any further obvious questions, that's a little device that tells the user when water has been raised to the temperature that kills all the organisms that can make you sick from drinking it.  That is a great help when dealing with questionable water, since it allows the water to be made potable without boiling it, saving fuel and time.  In the developing world, this is a big deal and can save lives.
There were students from a half dozen or so Interact Clubs in the Sacramento area who gathered At Folsom High School for four hours on a Saturday, with Rotarians from several clubs supervising and doing quality control.  Bella Vista Interactors found themselves assigned to an early step in the process, heating and crimping one end of the plastic tube... over a device that put out a 600 degree flame.  Be careful!
Other school's Interactors prepared the wire, inserted the wax plug which is the actual indicator, and tested the final product for correct function and water leaks.  The students cranked out 332 of these devices; they will be delivered to Rotary clubs in Peru and Ecuador next month for distribution.  Do you think these kids had a good time while doing good?  My guess is... for sure!
Did Fair Oaks Rotary Go to the Dogs
On St. Patrick's Day?
Well... no.  We actually went WITH the dogs to Sunrise Senior Living to bring a bit of Irish cheer to the residents.  There was even some TV coverage which, as you might notice, went to those Golden Retrievers and their local meet-up group.  Following the publicity, we headed to the "backyard" to distribute greeting cards, do some mingling and a little serenading.
This is definitely a feel-good project, making it very likely that we'll be back next year.
Club's 75th Anniversary Video