Fair Oaks Rotary Helps Stop Hunger Now
(with a little help from Citrus Heights Rotary)
Alright, alright!  It was their project, and we helped, with some funding and nine semi-able bodied volunteers.  In 90 minutes, we (that would be everyone there) filled over 17,000 14-oz. bags with a nutritious rice-soy-vegetable mixture, with each bag providing a meal for six people, which will be shipped to places in the world where the need is greatest.  It provided camaraderie, the satisfaction of service, and a good laugh from looking at each other with hair covers on.

Assembly Line Nutrition...

Get that weight right and the SEAL that bag.
389-394 grams per bag.
Let's get it right, ladies.
The rice goes in the bag, not on the table, dude.
These folks started the whole process off.
Preparation for boxing.
Not clear what these two were doing.