Santa (AKA Fair Oaks Rotary) Arrives Early
For Some Northridge Families
Plans are made weeks in advance, and the day begins about 7:00 am.  Boxes are delivered and food is gathered from food banks (Fair Oaks-Orangevale and Sacramento), Winco and private donations.  Then the food has to be divvied up among the boxes, and it all has to get handed out at the end of the school day to about a hundred families that otherwise might have a skimpy holiday food-wise.
The only hitch in the whole day... whoever picked up the Rotary fuel (coffee and round baked goods with holes in the center) accidentally picked up bagels instead of the other round baked good with a hole in the center.  But it served as a teachable moment.  Was it fun?  Well, I hope to shout... a resounding YES!  So look for us again next year.