100 Acts of Good - The Foundation Centennial Project

Our Rotary Foundation Centennial Celebration Campaign

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation, Rotarians all over the globe are posting their acts of good. Rotary should be known by who we are and what we do.  The Rotary Club of Fair Oaks is joining the campaign and tracking our “100 Acts of Good”.

(See #100ActsofGood to see our posts, and the posts of OTHER clubs around the world.  Remember a photo is still great, and a picture that includes Rooty our Rooster is best!)

However, if you want to anonymously add YOUR act of kindness to our list, please let Alice Rowe know. Send her an email (alicerowe@gmail.com) or give her a sticky note at a meeting.

  1. I donate every month to The Rotary Foundation through Rotary Direct.

  2. I donated two items of clothing to the Women's Empowerment Clothes Closet.

  3. I helped a fellow Rotarian with a bathroom remodel.

  4. I rode my bike in the Sacramento Century to help raise funds for St. Baldrick's, which helps to find cures for childhood cancers.

  5. I picked up trash on our street....over 100 pieces of it!

  6. I brought cookies to a new family that moved onto our street.

  7. I went to visit our Rotarian who just had a new baby, and brought her treats.

  8. I made and organized over 100 fleece blankets to be crocheted for the Linus Project

  9. I visited a Rotarian who was in a care home after a head injury.

  10. I helped paint pinkies at our Rotary meeting to raise money to donate to Polio Plus.

  11. I send letters and cards to people/friends all around the world to make their day better.

  12. I helped sort books for the Safe Halloween event.

  13. I helped pour beer at our Chicken Festival's Beer Booth to raise money for our service projects.

  14. I organized the Uncorked Event.

  15. I helped decorate the Rotary float that was entered into the Fair Oaks Holiday Parade.

  16. I read books to children at the Safe Halloween Event in the Fair Oaks Village.

  17. I walked a neighbor's dog when she was on vacation and the dog sitter was gone all day.

  18. I brought in the garbage can from the street for a neighbor who was gone on a trip.

  19. I helped give out books to children at the Safe Halloween event.

  20. I visited a Rotarian member who was in Assisted Living due to a leg injury.

  21. I treated a friend/neighbor & wife to dinner to say thanks for taking our Rotary Group Photo.

  22. I helped set up computers the Family Promise Center for families to be able to find jobs, etc.

  23. I worked at the Women's Empowerment Graduation, prepping food for over 100 people, and helping to serve the food.

  24. I take photos at most of the Rotary events so they can be recorded.

  25. I spent the night at a church to help oversee families in the Family Promise program.

  26. I picked up some Rotarian friends from the Light Rail Station early in the morning when they returned from a train trip.

  27. I welcomed our RYE student at the airport when he arrived from Brazil, and made posters to let him know we are excited to have him come to our country.

  28. I served ice cream at the Concerts in the Fair Oaks Park, filling in for someone who had to cancel at the last minute.

  29. I worked at the Rotary Information Booth at the Fair Oaks Concerts in the Park...and brought in a new member to our club as a result of our outreach efforts.

  30. I gave out Flag Pins to Veterans before the Del Campo/Bella Vista football game (Which gave the Veterans free entrance to the game...paid by our Rotary Club of Fair Oaks.)

  31. My bank employees and I put together toiletries and first aid kits for homeless people in Sacramento.

  32. I gave vegetables from my garden to my neighbors.

  33. I organized a group of our Rotarians to sing at Eskaton, an assisted living facility, over the holidays.

  34. I helped shop for items to put into our Rotary Holiday Food baskets which were given to over 100 families in need.

  35. I helped sort, organize and deliver over 100 Holiday food baskets to families in need at Northridge Elementary School.

  36.  I loaned my moving truck to the Rotarians who were organizing the Holiday Food Basket project so they could more easily move the food items to Northridge Elementary School for distribution.

  37.  I brought my two grandsons and daughter to help with distributing the Holiday Food Baskets to the families in need.

  38. I helped teach students about being a blacksmith through demonstrations at the forge in Folsom.

  39. I brought pizza and coffee to the Rotary volunteers working at Northridge Elementary School.

  40. I brought my homemade truffles and assorted homemade chocolate goodies to the Rotary Volunteers.

  41. I adopted a family in need through the Orangevale Rotary Club's Holiday Project....I provided food, gifts and clothing for the family of four.

  42. I flew to Denver to help my sister drive back to her home in Nevada after caring for her son, so she wouldn't have to travel alone.

  43. I have a long-time elderly female friend who is almost blind and disabled.  I helped her attend a Christmas Chorale Concert at her church.

  44. I made a generous donation to the Volunteers and America.

  45. I started a Facebook page for all the District 5180 Rotary President-Elects.

  46. I got 250 "100 Acts of Good" wallet-size cards printed up for our members to give out as they tell others about Rotary, about our club, and about all of our good deeds!  

  47. I took a fellow Rotarian to see his doctor when he had an emergency issue, and his family couldn't take him.  I stayed with him, and took him to get lab work done, etc.   The next day he was much better.

  48. I counsel people weekly who are in an alcohol rehabilitation program through the Salvation Army.

  49. I gave "Luv Ya" stars to each Rotarian in our club to let them know they are appreciated and to be inspired to continue their efforts to help others whenever they can.

  50. I picked up a member of our club who is at a rehab center and took him to our Rotary meeting (and back). He would not have been able to join us without our help.

  51. I provided bedding and towels for a homeless person who just moved into temporary housing.

  52. I participated in mock interviews with students at our local high school to help prepare them for the upcoming Academic Decathlon.

  53. I took care of a neighbor's dog while they vacationed in Mexico.

  54. I shoveled out a neighbor's drainage ditch that was full of leaves and muck when they weren't home, and I knew that we were expecting some very heavy rainfall.  

  55. I helped a short (not very tall) Christmas shopper get six much-desired cups from a top shelf.

  56. I am walking in the Colon Cancer Alliance Undy Run to raise funds to help find a cure.

  57. I am helping a family from Panama that is relocating to our area with finding a home AND with adjusting to a new culture and environment.

  58. I helped, along with other Rotary members, giving mock interviews with our local high school's AcaDeca Team to prepare them for their upcoming competition.

  59. I walked around our local village and asked our businesses to help sponsor our upcoming BIG fundraiser.

  60. I organized our first ever Rotary Club's Trivia Night, which was a great success.

  61. I had conversations with 5 high school students that have applied to go to college at my alma mater.  This helped the students have a chance to ask questions, and I sent in a report to the admissions team describing the unique characteristics of each student.  This might help with their admissions process.

  62. I spent six hours helping a member move his household possessions when he was relocating to a new house.

  63. I signed up to be a "reading partner" with an local elementary student who could benefit from extra reading help.

  64. I helped a fellow Rotary member by taking an old typewriter of his (that he wanted to get rid of ) and I put it up for sale on Ebay.

  65. I helped put Rotary labels inside of many, many children's dictionaries that will be given to every third grader at a local Title One elementary school.

  66. I helped distribute Children's Dictionaries to third graders at our local elementary school.

  67. I drive two elementary school children to school once a week to help their mother.  Their mother and her female roommate are both blind and cannot drive.  Other church members help with driving on other days.

  68. I take an old high school friend of mine, who has various health issues and can no longer drive, to doctor's appointments.   I also help him with some of his other errands.

  69. I participated in the Sacramento Undie Walk/Run in Land Park to help raise funds to find a cure for colon cancer.

  70. I read to children at the Gold River Discovery Center as part of the Read Across America Day Event.

  71. (From MANY members....) I helped with our Rotary Club's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Crab Feed...in many capacities!

  72. We took an elderly Rotarian (who has missed a lot of meetings) out to brunch with his wife, and we talked and visited for over two hours.

  73. I read to children at Northridge Elementary School as part of their annual Dr. Seuss' Birthday Read Across America Event.

  74. I went to visit a Rotarian who is living at an assisted living home, and I helped him set up his computer....showed him how to read the news on his computer, how to read emails, etc.

  75. I have taken in a Chinese high school student for five months, so he can attend the Waldorf School.

  76. When I was at an intersection, I saw a chair fall off of a truck and go onto the road.  I got out of my car quickly and pulled the chair off the street, so it would not be hit.

  77. I helped pick up trash on Madison Avenue, our Adopt-A-Street project.

  78. I pick up our RYE student from high school and take him home.   His host parents are not able to do that during the track season.

  79. I helped set up and man a Rotary booth at the opening day of the Fair Oaks-Orangevale Little League Day...and I made sure our Rotary Club sponsored a little league team (Go Riverdogs!)
    80. I stay in touch with a family that has four children, and a father with a serious back injury who can't drive or                work anymore.   Yesterday, I did the family shopping at Costco for them since their car is in the shop.
    81.  I helped a friend who does not speak English well deal with her automobile accident.
    82. I brought dinner to a Rotarian who was at home recovering from back surgery.
    83. I dog sat a friend's dog for four days.
    84. I made a cake for the Rotary Youth Exchange Culinary Event.
    85. I have checked up on a fellow Rotarian who has had surgery, several times in the past week.
    86. I have housed a prospective Mexican deportee.
    87. I donated clean-up time for an older neighbor.
    88. I paid road tolls for 10 people in Chicago.
    89.  I fed a neighbor's cat for two weeks, and watered her plants.
    90. I did 40 days of "Happy News" on Facebook.
    91.  I gave four free coaching sessions on relationships.
    92.  I gave a free coaching session on marketing to a new hotel owner.
    93.  I paid for the coffee of a woman behind me in line.
    94.  I paid the shortage on groceries for a young family who couldn't pay for their whole bill.
    95.  I signed up to work at Fiesta Days.
    96.  I am starting a high school mentoring program.
    97.  I provided dinner for a Rotarian who was recovering from back surgery.
    98.  I went to observe the high school mentoring program that the Folsom Rotary Club puts on, and I was 
            was able to be a mentor at the program, too.
    99.  I visited a fellow Rotarian at Eskaton as he was recuperating.....four times in one week.
  100.  I watched a neighbor's dog for four days!
  101.  I brought in our neighbor's trash can for them.
  102.  I take care of my  93 year old father.
  103.  I tutor a first grader every week through the Reading Partners Program.
  104.  I took care of a dying friend for three days until nurses to care for her could be found.
  105.  I served lunches at Loaves & Fishes.
  106.  I made dinner for a neighbor who has cancer.
  107.  I wrote notes to many of my friends, just because!
  108.  I watched our neighbor's house while they were on vacation.
  109.   I chaired the Uncorked fundraiser event.
  110.  I give monthly donations to Rotary.
  111.  I sat with my neighbor while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.
  112.  I donated a Lladro to the crab feed's silent auction.
  113.  I gave a meal at Panda Express for a homeless Vietnam Veteran.
  114.  I paid the college tuition for my two grandsons.
  115.  I pick up a fellow Rotarian, who can no longer drive, and bring him to our weekly Rotary meeting.
  116.  I visited a Rotary Club member at a care home when he was recovering from a stroke.
  117.  I helped paint a student's dormitory in San Antonio, in Baja Mexico.
  118.  I helped distribute fleece blankets, which had edges crocheted by our members, to students in Baja Mexico.
  119.  I cut up the meat that we were served at our Rotary dinner for a fellow Rotarian who had broken her arm.
          With her sling, she was not able to do it herself!
  120.  I participated in the "Rotary At Work Day" and helped spruce up the Rotary Arbor in the Fair Oaks Plaza Park.
  121.  I rode in the "Ride Around the Buttes" bike ride to benefit the Yuba Sutter Children's Type 1 Diabetes Center.